ALS - Michael LeRoy

Advocating for ALS research with Michael LeRoy

Michael LeRoy is a supporter of research into the treatment and cure of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). There is currently no known cure for ALS.  Michael LeRoy supports various non-profit organizations that are working to help forge the path to better treatments for people suffering from ALS, as well as a cure for the disease.

Michael LeRoy highlights basic ALS facts:

  • It’s a disease you’ve probably heard of under a different name: ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’.
  • There’s currently only one treatment available for those with ALS, which only has a modest benefit to patients.
  • Phase 2 trials of a stem-cell treatment for ALS are currently underway.

Michael LeRoy and ALS Organization Involvement

Michael LeRoy is doing his part to support ALS organizations that are devoted to advancing ALS treatment options and finding a cure. One such organization that Michael LeRoy supports is the Gleason Initiative, which was founded by Steve Gleason, a former member of the NFL who was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2011.

Michael LeRoy donates to the Gleason Initiative every year and believes in its mission of providing those with ALS and other muscular diseases or injuries with essential equipment, technology and services, as well as raising public awareness toward ALS.  To donate or to join Team Gleason, visit

Michael LeRoy is also a supporter of other ALS foundations which are dedicated to discovering new medical advances in the treatment of the illness, as well as discovering a cure.