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Michael LeRoy: FLA

Michael LeRoy is an attorney practicing law in Florida. He is a founding partner of the firm Fulmer, LeRoy, Albee, PLC. Michael LeRoy is also the firm’s managing partner.  The firm, which is sometimes shortened to the acronym FLA, has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. Its strategic geographic locations allow FLA to serve its clients on a variety of civil trial defense matters, providing them with full service for their civil matters throughout the state of Florida.

Michael LeRoy says one of the best things about co-owning FLA is that he is can pick and choose the cases he wants to try. If he doesn’t want to try cases in a particular area, then he doesn’t have to. Creating his own company allows Michael LeRoy to focus on whatever realms he wants to, which provides the experience in those areas. Michael LeRoy’s practice areas include the defense of Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Transportation Law, Construction Law and Medical Malpractice claims.

Michael LeRoy says that if you are the kind of person who requires minimal or maximal health insurance coverage, disability benefits, life insurance, etc., then creating your own business allows you to pick the plans that suit your needs. Michael LeRoy appreciates this aspect of owning his business, as he and his partners picked specific plans that worked for them and did not have any unnecessary features.

Finally, since your business is an investment, you are able to hire staff that fits with the company’s goals. Starting a company gives you full control over the hiring process, says Michael LeRoy, so you can hand select only the most dedicated and best employees.